Common Sense Tips for Perfect Wedding Planning

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Planning a wedding is not easy! When you start planning a marriage, there are lots of forks on the way, many decisions to take, and many ways to get lost. At this amazing and crazy time in your life, take a minute to retreat, relax and organize your thoughts. Take control of the project you just did, follow some seemingly simple steps, and plan your wedding to be a wonderful and memorable experience. Create a budget, stay and do not deviate. This is often a neglected characteristic of wedding planning. It’s important to get your budget before making any financial decisions. Too often, many couples are ordering a professional reception or wedding reception location without solid finances at hand, only to find out that they have been over-spending and are now bound by contract. Big tip: Use a number for a budget that’s 10-15% lower than you actually plan to spend, so you basically have a buffer when additional costs come up, because they’ll do it. The great thing is if you do not use your buffer, you will have some extra money for your honeymoon. Hire a Marriage Professional. When your second friend’s cousin volunteers for your wedding photographer, and promises good discounts, you may be tempted to take advantage of the offer. However, big warning words – employing friends and some tied families can often backfire. Expectations may not be met on the day of marriage and friendships can become chaotic. In addition, these friends may not have all the experience or tools needed to accomplish the task effectively. You should hire a marriage professional for their experience, expertise, and resources. True professionals will help make your day hassle free. You hire them, you can direct them, and the relationship is not personal. Compare apples to apples instead of apples to oranges Often, when the bride starts looking for the reception or wedding vendor location, she sees service or service characteristics. It is rare that you will find two locations that offer the same “package”, or two videographers who offer the same quality of service (time and style) and the number of products (print and album). You need to carefully evaluate every aspect of the place or potential vendor. What seems too expensive at first sight can actually be a better deal when you realize what it offers? It will be different – the cookie cutter wedding does not match the style. The groom and man are constantly looking for new ways to add personal feel to their wedding day. Giving your personal wedding style does not mean doing the same thing with your best friend, or what you watch tonight about Nicole Kidman’s wedding. Think outside the box. Hiring a wedding planner or event designer, even for a few hours, can help you become inspired and lead to great results. Instead of a guest book, have the guests sign a coffee table on a subject that interests you. Learn the first dance of unexpected choreographers, such as tango, and wow audience. Surround yourself with positive people. When choosing a wedding party and asking friends who have a positive attitude and those who, as Bill O’Reilly says, “look for you”. Single girlfriend, older brother you older, even your brother may feel a little jealous of your engagement. For the most part, this is the passing phase, but it does not make it easier for you to handle it. These people may often criticize your decision, or just try to get themselves focused on many decisions (bridesmaid dresses, what foods they like or do not like to eat, or which wedding date is “better” for their schedule) . If and when this situation arises, try your best to stay away from it and ignore it. Realize their behavior is not your fault. Make your ceremony something. The best way to do this is to write your own appointments and / or choose special poems, readings or Bible verses. Although the ceremony is really the only event that needs to be done on the wedding day, so many couples do not focus on the actual planning of the service itself. Is there a special song for you and your fiancĂ©, maybe the song you played the night you propose? Why not walk in the hallway and surprise your fiancĂ©? Have you ever written poetry or love letters to your fiancee? Read it during the ceremony, or if the nerve does not allow it

Create a timeline for the wedding day. If you do not work with wedding planners, your job is to create a realistic timeline for everyone to follow. Details and document all key elements and activities that occurred on that day. Enter the address of the location and who needs where and when. If you do not do this, you take the risk of all the wedding vendors building their own agendas. Of course, consult the ceremony and reception venue, as well as the major vendors about the timeline, but in the end most of the timeline decisions are up to you. ask for help if you need it. Not infrequently a bride becomes overwhelmed with wedding planning. It takes a lot of time, dedication and work. Usually there are many people knocking on your door who wants to help your future mother-in-law, your mother, your sister, her sister, your best friend, your best friend … that list can go on forever. When asking for help from friends or family members, give them specific instructions and deadlines. Also, make sure they know you still have the final decision. When planning a wedding to think about every aspect of your life, take a breather. Schedule a date with your fiance and go out to dinner, take a walk, or just go for an ice cream. There is only one unmarried marriage talk. Reconnect with your loved ones and return to the plan with your mind and heart focused on the right things. Crazy, baby. Crazy, baby. Crazy, baby.

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